Hair Divine Genuine Trial Review

Source: posted 5th November 2021


We all want beautiful, thick, healthy hair, after all it is said that our hair is our crowning glory. You don’t realise the significance of that statement until something happens to make this statement untrue.

Personally, I have always had great hair, quite fine but naturally curly, healthy and easy to style. So imagine my distress when six months after recovering from Covid, I discovered a bald patch on my left temple and that my hairline was receding! Not only that, but my hair was also in terrible condition, I couldn’t do anything with it and it was starting to go thin all over. Something my hairdresser commented on too. I now understood the distress of hair loss in women.

Of course, I contacted the doctors immediately who explained that hair loss can be a symptom of Long Covid but to be sure, I had blood tests which showed nothing out of the ordinary. The first thing they check for in hair loss cases is thyroid problems and vitamin deficiency – I had neither. I also felt fine in myself, yes I was stressed but then everyone was, living through a pandemic had us all full of anxiety.

Someone mentioned taking a Vitamin D supplement, which I started straight away and then out of the blue I received an email offering a three-month trial of a supplement called Hair Divine, specifically for hair loss. Someone up there likes me because this couldn’t have come at a better time. I was stressing quite badly about my hair and just how much I would lose.

I jumped at the chance to trial the product and my hair repair journey started, which I want to tell you. But first let me tell you about Hair Divine as a product as if you are like me, it was important for me personally to know what I was putting into my body.

Hair Divine was borne from a search for a clean and natural product which would support the growth and overall health of hair. The company wanted to create a food supplement for hair growth that wouldn’t have a long list of unknown ingredients, and after months of research, they found the perfect combination of ingredients, derived from natural sources, that work together to deliver the right balance of nutrients and vitamins for hair growth.

Just one tablet per day will suffice to help the growth and health of your hair, I was told.

Today there is increasing awareness of the link between diet and good, or poor health. More people are opting for foods and supplements derived from natural sources, free from chemicals and additives.

Hair can play such an important part when it comes to feeling confident and beautiful, but it’s so much more than that. Do you often look at your hair and think it looks weak, damaged or dull? This can often be an indicator of other issues, such as a lack of, or malabsorption of nutrients. Hair Divine is a natural product that benefits overall wellbeing and nutritional balance, as well as being a supplement to support hair growth.

In this hectic age, so many factors affect the health of our hair including:

  • High stress levels
  • Increased pollution
  • Poor diets
  • Over-styling

Hair Divine works to counter these issues from the inside out and is a result of a long period of product development and research. All ingredients are either plant-based or already occurring in our body and every component used in Hair Divine promotes hair growth and regeneration in various ways. Together these ingredients work in symbiosis to give your hair a health ‘restart’.

So back to my own personal journey. First of all, I found that Hair Divine fitted into my day perfectly, just one tablet a day was easy to manage. Within the first month my nails were the strongest and healthiest they have ever been (yes, my nails!). An unexpected bonus and one that I loved.

During the second month, I noticed that my hairline was growing back! I checked, double checked and re-checked. It was true!

This prompted me to check my temple and I could not believe what I was seeing. Fine hairs had started to grow, covering the previously bald patch! A visit to my hairdresser confirmed all of this and that my hair was in much better condition and started to thicken up all over.

At the end of the three months, my hair was back to its usual self. In fact, it was better! What a find and thank goodness Hair Divine came into my life when it did. My hairdresser now recommends Hair Divine to her other clients who are experiencing hair loss or thinning.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, I highly recommend you try Hair Divine.

Please note this is not paid for content, I tried this product because I was experiencing hair loss and thinning and it worked for me. I understand the distress hair loss can cause and if it worked for me it could work for you. Try it for yourself – what do you have to lose?

Written by Angela Riches – Editor in Chief H&N Magazine Group

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