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Are you vegan? Do you suffer from allergies? Do you prefer more natural lifestyle? Are you 20? Are you 50? Have you just had a baby? Are you experiencing slow hair growth or hair loss? Whichever it is, Hair Divine is here to support you on your hair rejuvenating journey. Give your hair the boost it needs and find condfidence in your hair once again.


Hair loss is most often experienced after pregnancy when oestrogen levels return to normal, and the hair moves to a resting phase (from the previous growth phase you could experience during the second trimester). You may notice significant thinning, and shedding of hair, once your baby is born.

We recommend taking Hair Divine for three months (and long-term), to support faster growth and healthier hair.


As we age our hair inevitably thins and loses its lustre. In combination with the other effects of menopause, this can impact your confidence. If you are struggling with the quality of your hair during menopause we hope that Hair Divine can help. Each tablet delivers the nutrients your body needs to overcome problems with thin, weak strands and grow
strong, healthy hair.

Suitable for all women

Throughout our lives, many things will affect our hair, from hormonal changes, to lifestyle choices and stresses. Hair Divine was developed to be safe and suitable for all stages of woman's life - allergen-free, vegan, natural with no additives/ preservatives and safe and gentle for breastfeeding mothers.